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The ultimate resource for football betting fans around the world to ensure that you select an online sportsbook that covers your sport, your league, in your currency, from your country with the features you covet and quality the odds.

Football.  The definition of Football or Footy changes depending on your location.  For most of the world, ‘Football’ refers to the sport governed by FIFA also known as soccer.  However, in North America, namely the United States and Canada, ‘Football’ refers to the sport played with an oblong ball that the rest of the world calls American Football.  Finally, in Australia, ‘Football’ or ‘Footy’ refers to another game played with an oblong ball that the rest of the world refers to as Australian Rules Football.  

The purpose of is to provide you with the information about the online sportsbooks that provide the best football betting experience for Football (Soccer), American Football and Australian Rules Football no matter where you live, or the currency with which you would like to wager.  The site also provides information on football odds, sportsbook reviews & other resources so you may find the right sportsbook.  Below is a list of the best online football betting providers for most customers.

What football betting issues does this site discuss?

While online sportsbooks all essentially provide the same service, you might be surprised at the amount of effort and investment in innovation that each sportsbook makes in order to stand out and be unique.  As an interested bettor, with so many names on the market, it can be difficult to understand where the differences lie. reviews help you quickly understand the points of difference between the best online sportsbooks to suit your situation and preferences.  People all have their own priorities in order to make their choice, so I address the issues of bonuses, odds margins, banking issues among other frequently asked questions.

It is important to know the available betting account currencies and which companies will register your account

Perhaps more important than any of these is the issue of currency acceptance and excluded player countries.  The above list of the 12 best football betting sites applies to most people around the world.  However, understand that not every company accepts player registrations from every country, nor offers accounts in every currency.  Each company makes decisions about which markets it wishes to serve, and further targets those markets by offering accounts in a country’s native currency.  If this could be an issue for you to consider, simply select your preferred betting currency and read which companies cater to your situation.

With some currencies like the Euro, your choice remains nearly unlimited.  If you wish to bet in a less frequently used currency, your choice of available sportsbooks could be limited.  However, you will save significantly on currency exchange fees of 2% to 5% for every deposit or withdrawal you make to and from your betting account.  Wagering in your home currency makes a lot of sense if you can do it.

Not all online football betting providers are the same, there are many points of differentiation to suit you

Once you’ve identified the sportsbooks that offer your currency.  You can start to look at more factors for differentiation.  The Odds Margins tend to be the next most important thing a lot of people look at, especially for those that intend to bet with relatively significant sums of money.  When you play with a sportsbook that offers lower odds margins on the football matches that interest you most, over time you will realize better returns on your wins.  You can see these margins represented above for the main betting markets for all three versions of football, but you’ll get more information the our page about odds margins and the potential benefits of when you compare betting odds between online sportsbooks.

Early bet cash-in features provide a way to hedge against a complete loss of your stake, and a way to take a reduced win before a match is complete should you see this as a beneficial option.  Read more about early bet cash-in sportsbooks and which companies offer this new and innovative feature.

If you enjoy permutations, systems or multiples betting, you might like the option available with some sportsbooks to utilize their ‘bankers’ feature.  The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to refine your multiple bet combinations quickly so that all wagers only include the selections that you feel strongest about.  Every sportsbook allows you to make these kinds of permutation bets, but the bankers feature simply allows you to place these bets in a quicker fashion.  Learn more about the bankers feature and the sportsbooks that offer it.

If you believe you’re going to be betting at the higher end of things with larger stakes, you’re interested in high-limit football betting.  Not every sportsbook caters to the high end of the market.  When considering high-limit betting, you’ll want to understand how the limits  are structured, what banking methods allow for larger transactions and how the odds margins are looking to ensure the best returns on wins.  At this end of the market, that initial sign-up bonus just really doesn’t matter very much.  

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