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UYU Online Football Betting

When you want to start betting on football from Uruguay, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw Uruguayan Pesos to avoid currency exchange fees.  Below are the best football betting sites that offer Uruguayan Peso accounts.  

If you want to bet on Uruguayan Football, or any other major football match around the world, most of our top football betting sites offer betting options for customers based in Uruguay.  However, if you would prefer to be able to establish a betting account in Uruguayan Pesos so that you may deposit and withdraw your native national currency without having to exchange funds, there is only one choice: MarathonBet.

By betting in your home currency, you’ll be able to avoid the currency exchange fees that would otherwise occur with every deposit and withdrawal to and from your betting account.  This equates to a savings of 2% to 5% of each transaction.  Save your money for your enjoyment of football betting by playing in the Uruguayan Peso with MarathonBet.

None of Paypal, Skrill, or NETELLER offer UYU accounts that are compatible to fund a Marathon Uruguayan Peso account directly.  To avoid exchange fees, you will need to use your UYU Visa card or use a local bank transfer.