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The ultimate resource for Australian Rules Football betting fans around the world to ensure that you select an online sportsbook that covers your sport, in your currency, from your country with the features you covet.

Australian Rules Football is certainly one of the roughest sports in the world.  Often the only protective gear you’ll find on an AFL player during a game is his mouth guard.  Surely this is one of the things Australians love about their brand of football.  No padding allowed, just go out to hit and be hit.  If you’ve come to this page from Australia, you may know there are issues registering with some sportsbooks as some exclude your play.  To find out which of our best AFL betting sites accept your registration, read our Australian Dollar footy betting page.

If you are looking to bet on the AFL, 12 online sportsbooks below offer the best AFL betting experience to customers around the world.  You can quickly see the Aussie Rules betting odds margins for the main betting markets as well as the total number of available betting markets for each AFL match.  Furthermore, read the reviews and resources above to get the answers you need before getting started.  If you think you know which club will be the champion come the end of the playoffs, you may be interested to check on AFL grand final winner odds.

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