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Several top sportsbooks have developed the ability to allow you to take a partial payout on your wager before an event reaches completion: this is what we call an early bet cashing feature.

How does this feature improve your experience?  Have you ever placed a bet on a football match,  maybe on the long odds for a draw or the underdog to win?  As you  watch the match, things are falling right in line with your prediction, perhaps with an early surprise score in your favour.  But then, things change, perhaps there is a red card to a player on your team selection.  At that moment, do you see won bet turning to a lost bet because the lost man is sure to result in a change of outcome?

In the past, you’d have to wait out the final minutes to see if your side can hold onto the result.  Now however, there is no need to wait for what you feel is an inevitable lost bet in those final minutes.  At the top football betting sites listed below, you can activate the early bet cash out feature to ensure you realize at least a partial profit on your bet.   The above example is just one description of the way momentum within a match can shift and this applies to any sport.  If you’ve ever been hit with a bad-beat due to a momentum shift, these early cash out features give you the power to protect at least a partial win before your bet becomes a total loss.

Above is just one situation that could arise in which you might like to take your partial profits on a match.  However, there are also times where you may simply want to preserve your stake.  Let’s switch to American Football for an example.  Assume you’ve made an early bet, on a Wednesday because you like the point spread and thought it would move against you in the coming days.  However, disaster strikes.  The starting quarterback for your selection goes down with an injury during a practice session on the Friday before the game.  You have no confidence that the back up QB will deliver a win for you..  So in your mind the bet is now lost.  The early bet cash out features let you essentially get a partial refund on your bet before the match has even begun.  Obviously it’s a partial loss, but if you are certain the result would be a loss due to the injury, getting any of your stake money back should be viewed as a bonus.

With each site that offers the early bet cashing feature, you can activate it before the match for a partial stake refund, or live during the match.  Note that the return amount is dynamic and changes with time and how certain the result appears to be.  The partial return will always drop off significantly if a score against your backed team changes the impending result.  

For example, in the first example with the red card above, if you wait until a goal is scored by the opposition, changing the potential result of the match, your early cash out return will then be vastly reduced, likely from a point of certain profit to a partial stake loss.      

The early bet cashing feature gives you more control over your bets with the ability to protect your profits and your stakes, and is a great tool to use if you like to bet live and follow your games as they unfold and can follow via your mobile, tablet or from your computer.

Early Bet Cashing Feature

There is a relatively new feature at some online sportsbooks that that can help you protect both your profits and your stake money.  It goes by different names at each sportsbook that offers it, but it is essentially a feature that allows you to cash in or settle your bet before the game you wagered upon has ended.  Below are the top football betting sites that offer an early cash out feature.  Below the list, you may read exactly how this new feature can improve your betting experience.

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