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PayPal is an e-wallet that facilitates deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely with the top football betting sites.

While Paypal is actually extremely popular as a banking method, it does not offer extremely high limits when dealing with sportsbooks.  In  general, most limits are around 5,500 GBP or currency equivalent.  If you are looking for single transactions that are several multiples higher, then it is likely best to look at the other banking methods addressed specifically on this site, or use the various bank transfer methods available to you as they are often unlimited.  You should also note that PayPal is only really available for use with sportsbooks by people based in Europe using various European currencies.

About: PayPal allows any individual with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. Their network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global, real-time payment solution.

The size of their network and widening acceptance of their product has helped PayPal become one of the leading payment networks for online auction websites, including eBay. PayPal is also being increasingly used on other e-commerce sites for the sale of all manner of goods.  PayPal's service, which lets users send payments for free, can be used from computers or web-enabled mobile phones.

As a high-limit banking method, their daily deposit limits tend to float around 5,500 GBP or equivalent.  Note that PayPal tends only to be available for use with sportsbooks from European countries and in European currencies.

Paypal’s Available Currencies and supported countries with regard to online sportsbooks:

Although Paypal provides its normal payment and money sending services to many people in many countries, their service with regard to sportsbooks is limited.  You will be able to bank with Paypal and supported sportsbooks from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany and Spain.  The currencies supported include the Pound, Euro, Swedish Krona and Australian Dollar.


FREE to send money to your sportsbook of choice (or anyone else) when you are sending funds in your PayPal balance or from your linked bank account.  FREE to receive money.

Pay a fee of 3.4% + 20p when you would like send or receive money using a credit or debit card.  Your card statement will show you the amount funded plus the PayPal fee.  As a general rule: make sure the name for your PayPal account matches the registered name of your chosen sportsbook account.

Nine of the twelve best football betting sites accept Paypal. They are listed below with their PayPal details:

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Deposit Limit: 10 to 5,500

Withdrawal Limit: 10 to 5,500

No William Hill fees with Paypal

Deposits: Instant

Withdrawals: within 1 working day

Deposit Limit: 5 to unlimited

Withdrawal Limit: 5 to unlimited

No BoyleSports fees with Paypal

Deposits: Instant

Withdrawals: within 24 hours

Deposit Limit: 5 to 5,000

Withdrawal Limit: 0 to 6,500

No BetFred fees with Paypal

Deposits: Instant

Withdrawals: within 24 hours

Deposit Limit: 10 to 1,500

Withdrawal Limit: 15 to unlimited

No 888Sport fees with Paypal

Deposits: Instant

Withdrawals: 2-3 business days

Minimum Deposit: 10 GBP

Minimum Withdrawal 20 GBP

No 10Bet Paypal fees

Deposits: Instant

Withdrawals: within 24 hours

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