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The ultimate resource for Canadian Football League betting fans to ensure that you select an online sportsbook that covers your sport, in your currency, from your country with the features you want.

The Canadian Football League is a league that also actually plays a unique brand of football that is different from every other type of football.  However, it most closely resembles American Football in terms of game rules and concepts like being played on a gridiron field with a series of downs to reach 10 yards.  This is why you will find the CFL categorized under ‘American Football’ as you navigate the online sportsbooks listed below.  This is purely to help organisation of sports, not to ignore the many nuance differences between American and Canadian Football.  

If you are looking to bet on the CFL, the 12 online sportsbooks below offer the best CFL betting experience to customers around the world.  You can quickly see the CFL betting odds margins for the main betting markets like point spreads and totals, as well as the total number of available betting markets for each CFL match.  If you have come to this page from Canada, you should read about betting in Canadian Dollars as not all the top sportsbooks listed offer CAD accounts.  If you think you have a good idea which team will become the CFL’s outright winner, you can check the Grey Cup winner odds.

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